The Grumpy Old Man's Rants and Overreactions - Week 7

Written by Craig Talley

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It’s Monday………Time to overreact and Time for the Grumpy Old Man to Rant

Old guys love a good movie.  Bring the popcorn, a little beverage, and maybe even a take little nap, what’s not to like?  It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, so this week I’m instituting a salute to some great movies out now.

The Accountant

Let’s start by examining some numbers.  Pick one, 290 passing yards and 2 TD’s or 367 yards passing and 3 TD’s, which one would you rather have?  367 and 3, right?  So if I told you that the first number (290 and 2) was the collective average of the games that Brady, Luck, Rodgers, Carr, Rivers, and Winston had Sunday and those numbers ALL translated into Wins for their teams and the last number (367 and 2) was the number from just 1 Quarterback and that QB’s team lost would you believe me?  Well it’s true and that single QB was Drew Brees.  Here’s some additional data to make you shake your head even more.  Those 6 QB’s numbers translated into an average of 31 points.  Last time I checked 2 TD’s (the average each threw for) equals 14 points, you know, assuming the kicker does his job, which apparently lately is expecting way too much, meaning each team added 17 points in some other way.  Whether those points came from a running game, a special teams play, or god forbid, a defense that makes a play or two makes no difference, it just means the team is well rounded.  Usually well-rounded teams are also teams that have good records and tend to go far in the playoffs.  It’s also one of many reasons the Saints are 2-4, because they only put up 21 points on Sunday.  Yep, all of their points came from Drew Brees shoulder and some Wide Receivers hands.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  This is now the third time I’ve talked about this problem so far and it’s only week 7.  I mean seriously guys, I feel like I’m Drew Brees’ agent.  How many times is this going to happen before someone figures out how to fix it?  Or do we just need to give Ben Affleck an assignment?

Kevin Hart: What Now?

That’s got to be what the Cleveland Browns are asking today.  Just another game, just another QB injury.  If you ever had that “NFL dream” and can throw it deep, you may want to buy yourself a ticket to Cleveland (hey, you’ll do ANYTHING to go pro right).  Seems like they give the half-time raffle ticket winner the opportunity to start in the second half every week.  I will say Kevin Hogan looked interesting, I mean who would have thought after week 7 he’d have more 100 yard rushing games (1) than Todd Gurley (0) #goat.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

How many of you Fantasy Football players saw that 3 of the Defensive Backs from the already mediocre Packers passing D were out for the Bears game on Thursday, licked your chops, and decided to start Brian Hoyer?  Come on, admit it, we know you’re out there.  Ahhh, too soon?  Sorry.

Not to be negative, but right after Hoyer was being ever so gently walked to the locker room with his freshly broken arm, did you notice the snide smile on Jay Cutler’s face when the cameras switched over to him on the sideline?  Live look inside Jay’s brain: “oh, so I’m second string huh, Hoyer’s gonna be the starter when I’m back huh, Cutler’s taken his last snap as a Bear huh?” MUAHAHAHAHA (mad scientist laugh).  Seriously, the dude is like Quarterback herpes, he just never really goes away.


Just when you started trusting the Falcons, the Chargers come to town and screw it all up.  Melvin Gordon lays 131 all purpose yards and 3 touchdowns on them and a Chargers D that’s allowed the most RB receptions and the second most RB receiving yards holds Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman to just 52 receiving yards on 6 catches.  Don’t look now, but for a team that has thrown up a ton of points, both real and fantasy, Atlanta wakes up to Tampa Bay now being only a game back.


Talk about a crash landing, anyone else surprised the Eagles took apart the Vikings like they did?  Coach Zimmer’s post game presser was absolutely on point, nearly every aspect of Minnesota’s play was dreadful.  I really respect Zimmer for his honesty, most coaches don’t subscribe to this approach, but I do believe he missed his two injured offensive lineman more than anything else.  Between the Eagles and Cowboys, the NFC East is suddenly being lead by the equivalent of the NFL rookie league.  As for the Vikings, it’s only one game and that will help Coach Zimmer drive home his point that they have to work the butts off and they can’t take anything for granted if they want a title.  Sully was right, it wasn’t a crash, it was just a forced water landing.

The Magnificent Seven (well officially it’s 6, but they’re working on number 7)

Well, the Grumpy Old Man took a ride, no not the trolley to the Golden Corral for all you can eat shrimp Wednesday and not the short bus (well not THE short bus).  My best friend, a life long Steeler fan from Southern California (yeah I know, go figure) and I took a little roadie to the beautiful city of Pittsburgh for the Steelers Patriots game this weekend.  Now I’ve been lucky enough to have been to countless sporting events all over the world and being an Ohio State Alum and a Charger fan I’ve seen my share of all kinds and types of fans, but I can honestly say Steelers fans are a crazy group of super people and some of the most die hard, hard-core fans I’ve ever been around.  As I talked to a number of Steeler fans before the game, every single one was focused on one thing; they would be happy as long as the game was competitive.  Mission accomplished.  I’m sure Coach Belichick endlessly preached not to take the Steelers lightly and I’m also sure his halftime talk with only a 14-13 lead was at the very least, spirited.  But in the end, the Patriots were the Patriots and the Steelers were a team with a second string QB.  It was a shame their gutty performance came up short, but I had a great time.  No matter who “your team” is, I would highly recommend taking a roadie to a Steeler home game.  Beautiful city, check; gorgeous weather, check; awesome stadium, check; scenic views from that stadium, check; phenomenal fans, check; fantastic game day experience, check and double check; memories, priceless.  Thank you Pittsburgh!

One last thing, I’m not a Cubs fan, nor am I an Indians fan, but if you can’t get excited about watching these two much maligned teams and organizations playing in the World Series than you need to check your pulse.

Now get off my yard