The Grumpy Old Man's Rants & Overreacts Week 9

Written by Craig Talley
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All of us should be limbering up our index fingers, cuz it’s gonna be a big week for them.  We’re about to elect a new President.  I don’t care who you want to vote for or against.  It doesn’t matter if you are a conservative or a liberal or something in between, GET OUT AND VOTE!  Many many people have sacrificed so that all of us can truly live free and enjoy all the things that freedom brings with it.  There are literally millions of people that would love to be able to say they were free, but can’t, they would give anything to be able to have a voice (vote) to decide who leads them, but they aren’t that lucky.  Freedom comes with responsibility and part of that responsibility is to help choose who serves our republic.  Do your part, get out there and make your index finger tired and then get yourself one of those cool “I Voted” stickers.  Now with all of that in mind, we must have an Election theme or we won’t be fit to serve.

Conservatives love them some facts, so here’s the facts.  In 5 Wins the offense has averaged 24 points and the defense averaged giving up just 13.  In 3 Losses, that same offense managed just 12 points a game, while the defense gave up, on average, 21.  If you haven’t flashed on it yet, I’m talking about the 5-3 Vikings, a tale of two teams.  More facts, Norv Turner is a very loyal, smart man.  He coached Washington for Daniel Snyder and the Chargers, both teams in total turmoil during his tenures.  Interesting to note that in neither situation did he find it necessary to quit, let alone quit mid-season.  It’s easy to see there are injuries that are affecting Minnesota and even easier to see that Sam Bradford needs to feel free to throw the ball further than say, 8 yards, I mean Stefon Diggs had 13 receptions for only 80 yards Sunday.  The harder thing is seeing what the real issue is with the Vikings.  Can’t put my finger on it, but for a team to have such drastic differences literally over night and for a guy like Norv Turner to walk away mid-season, you have to know there is some major internal struggle within the coaching staff and/or the front office; stay tuned.

Raiders Punter, Marquette King had an awesome game against the Broncos, but he’s being too liberal with his fun.  He’s dancing and running around the field attracting attention to himself after a good play.  All I’m saying is he might want to be careful, because he’s having waaaay too much fun out there.  In the No Fun League, fun is frowned upon, individualism is looked down on, and when you’re having too much of either, fines usually follow.  Can you imagine the PR issues if the NFL actually fined a punter for dancing?  I will say his moves had game, kid could have a future on Dancing With The Stars.

Red States
The Rams offense was so conservative and so ugly against the Panthers their fans were seeing red.  The chanting of “We Want Goff, We Want Goff” started late in the first quarter; so much for the honeymoon in LA.  You do have to understand the frustration though.  Case Keenum is a backup “lifer” not a starter.  If you’re going to mortgage your teams’ future to move up to get a franchise QB, then keep him on the bench while your team flounders, then I have one question for you.  Explain to me how Goff is getting better and growing by standing on the sideline holding a clipboard, charting and watching a guy that has a career 58% completion rate and an 8-24 record as a starter?  Is he learning how to better handle the route tree; no.  Is he learning how to properly place the ball for the WR to increase his completion rate; no.  Is he improving his timing and instincts; no.  Is he learning how to win; child, please.  Having him play now isn’t going to stunt his growth any more than being a Ram in the first place.  In fact, I would argue it will show just what type of QB he’ll ultimately become, as one of the keys to all the great QB’s is how they handle adversity.  Jeff Fisher’s response is that as long as they are in playoff contention he’ll continue to start Keenum.  Yo Jeff, 3 and 5 dude, 3 and 5, time to go with Goff.

Blue States
Do you think the 49ers miss Jim Harbaugh?  Just a couple of years ago their defense led them to the Super Bowl, then came Jim Tomsula and the Chipster.  Now their defense is so liberal giving away yardage, they let Drew Brees and the Saints actually have a great game on the road.  571 total yards, 248 on the ground and 323 through the air, that’s all they let the Saints get.  Drew Brees threw for 3 TD’s and had a 72% completion rate.  Heck, even Mark Ingram made an appearance with 158 yards and a touchdown (that collective sigh of relief was from all the Ingram FF owners).  San Francisco managed just a 22% third down conversion rate, held the ball for only 21 minutes compared to the Saints 39 minutes, and ran only 57 plays versus 82 for the Saints.   Yeah that fast pace offense really works, you know, unless you play on the 49er defense and have to be on the field two-thirds of the time.  Anyone notice how the Eagles Defense has gone from one of the worst (with Chip) to one of the best (without Chip) in less than a year?  #justsayin

Swing States
In a Division (the AFC West) that is suddenly the toughest division in football, the Chargers have quickly become the team that no one wants to see on their schedule.  In the past month they’ve gone 3-1 and dispatched Denver, Atlanta, and Tennessee averaging 31 points a game.  They have an RB in Melvin Gordon that’s having a monster season and you know any team with Philip Rivers at QB will be a tough out.  If you look at the 7 teams that make up the rest of their schedule, the collective records of those teams is 28-30, take out the Raiders and Chiefs and that goes to just 15-26.  Translation, they have at least 5 very winnable games left.  I would guess that teams like Carolina, Tampa Bay, Houston, and Miami that are in dog fights to get into the playoffs would much rather have some other team teed up, but they instead have the NFL’s equivalent of a swing state, the Chargers.  And those divisional games against Oakland and Kansas City will be very interesting too, because they have both of them at home.  It’s not crazy to think they could go 5-2 down the stretch, which gets them to 9-7 and quite possibly a wild card spot.  This team will determine the destiny of a few teams in the coming weeks, including themselves.

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