Don't Be a Draft Dunce

It's draft season and nothing is better than an old school live draft. But whether you draft together or apart online, here are some tips to keep you from being an idiot and regretting your stupidity all season long. I'm not here to tip toe and give the same old simple advice. I'm here to whip your ass in to shape and to help win championships.

1.     Prepare: You know what I like to see? That guy who shows up and pulls out his magazine. You know the guy, the one who hasn't looked at a single thing since February and is under the impression that the players have sat catatonic waiting for you to turn Madden back on.

The NFL is a year-round league and if you want to win your fantasy league, then you too will pay attention year-round. Players get traded, lose roles to rookies or free agents or in today's climate, get arrested.  Might I suggest staying informed with a weekly podcast? Say, one like the FLAFFL House maybe? Available on all platforms.

2.     STOP over drafting players on your favorite team: It's not cute, it's not affective, and it reeks of amateurism.

If I had a championship for every time I heard “well I'm eliminated from the playoffs at least I can play (insert random player from your favorite team that's not fantasy worthy here) and enjoy it”. No, you moron, if you didn't reach for Jace Amaro when Coby Fleener was still on the board you might not be eliminated. Stick to your rankings.

3. Favoritism: Here's another example of mistaking football loyalty for fantasy success “I'm a Cowboys fan there's no way I'm having any Giants, Eagles or Redskins on my team”. Thank you! I'll be over here winning championships while you have a roster full of Browns and Rams, but hey, at least you were loyal.

4.  Don't hold a fantasy grudge: “Dez Bryant killed me last year there's no way I'm ever drafting him again”. Do you think Dez Bryant wanted to injure his foot? Never mind the fact that Dez is a freakish athlete and a touchdown monster (12, 13 and 16, in the three previous seasons). You're going to prove a point and never draft him again? You're also going to prove that you're a fantasy loser as you watch your inferior player stumble as the team that drafted Dez win’s a title.

5.  No Friends in Fantasy:   Don't leave a player on the board  because your buddy loves him and gets him every year. Any coincidence he beats your sorry team every year? Stop being the doormat and start sniping your friends and family and let them know about it. Trash talk is a major component of Fantasy Football.

Yeah yeah, fantasy is supposed to be fun and believe me it will be more fun when you're receiving the trophy or belt, and of course, the cash. Check in with me and the guys at the FLAFFL House, we’re here all year long helping you win championships and not being a loser.