Ok, it’s Monday…time to overreact.

Written by Craig Talley aka @Slymsuknhogs of FL App Writer and Contributor for the FLAFFLhouse.com

Who gets fired first, Rex Ryan, Dan Quinn, Chuck Pagano, or Sean Payton?  Notice any similarities?  Each of these teams either has terrible, under performing defenses or questionable play calling (in some cases both).

The Bills arguably have 3 of the best offensive players in the league in Taylor, McCoy, and Watkins and an O-Line that is at the least, very serviceable.  Yet in a game against an average Baltimore defense, these 3 combined for a total of just over 200 yards of offense and only 1 touchdown and they looked flat doing it.  How does a fiery guy like Rex have a team that looks lifeless?  Have they tuned him out?  Not gonna win many games like that Rex.

Anyone in Atlanta with a game plan, please pickup a white courtesy phone.  It’s clear that Dan Quinn was a good defensive coach, the problem is he’s now a head coach.  And he’s a head coach that lost the guy that knew how to make the offense run (Koetter).  To make it worse, he had to play against that same guy week 1 and that guy knew how to beat his defense with a QB that’s on the cusp of setting the NFL on fire.  Arthur Blank is a very smart and prideful man, don’t look for this to last long.

Is Chuck Pagano a cat?  I mean how many chances is he going to get?  It’s great the team loves him and supports him, but at some point that must translate into wins.  Now I don’t completely blame Chuck, I mean, when your owner comes out and says your offensive line is terrible, it’s not just a “you” problem.  But let’s also not kid ourselves, at some point that same owner that doesn’t understand he too has responsibility for the sorry ass drafts and free agent signings will want a fall guy and that’s you Chuck.

I really like and respect Sean Payton, but how can such a good coach make such bad choices year after year after year on the defensive side of the ball?  And how would you like to be Drew Brees this morning?  You roll out of bed sore and tired knowing you put up over 400 yards and 4 TD’s, but somehow YOUR PATHETIC DEFENSE HAS FOUND A WAY TO LET YOU DOWN YET AGAIN!

Ok, sorry, got a little worked up there, moving on.

More overrated: Arizona Defense or Cowboys O-Line?

Arizona and their “top” defense lets a team come in to their crib missing the #1 TE (arguably the #1 offensive weapon in the league), missing a starting O-Linemen, and using a second string QB and you let them beat you?  Really?

And how ‘bout them Cowboys?  So you spend a top 5 first round draft pick on a RB, which no one does any more, then you have your ROOKIE QB throw the ball 45 times? SMH. Jerra, Jerra, Jerra.

How crappy is it to be a Charger fan and after just one game know your season is over? Oh yeah, that’s me, yeah it sucks.  Time to call Brian Hartline, James Jones, Brandon Gipson, Rod Streeter, or some other third rate WR that couldn’t make the 53 man roster on 31 other teams…great.  Should I pack now for LA, Oakland, Las Vegas, or San Antonio?

Worst team, Cleveland or…oh screw it, we all know it’s the Browns, aka the Clowns, aka Moneyball…hmmm makes me think. Over/under more wins or more alias’ for Cleveland?

See you next week,

Sly out