The Grumpy Old Man's Rants: Week 2

Written by Craig Talley @Slymsuknhogs, the unofficial old man of the group on the FL App

Look, I know I’m old and tend to take the occasional nap, but how long did I sleep??

Week 1 was full of excitement and amazing games, then, apparently we were transported back to week 3 of preseason.

Quick fantasy update from yesterday’s games:

Matt Ryan 27.8 points, David Carr 25.0 points

Drew Brees 14.5 points and Eli 12.3 points, yeah, saw that coming.

Admit it, how bad were you Jonesing for the Giants and Saints match-up, especially for your fantasy team?  Everyone anticipated a live game of Madden right?  An Oprah moment full of thousands of yards and touchdowns and fantasy points for you, and you, and you, and you.  Instead the biggest “offensive” play was a blocked kick returned for a TD.  Dear God.

So far this year Jameis Winston’s performance looks like my EKG, it’s up and down, 25 points last week, 4 this week.  On the good side, if this pattern continues, you’ll know when to start him and when to sit him.

Last year Kirk Cousins was the golden boy.  Only 8 other QB’s had more fantasy points last year and he outscored more typical choices like Rodgers, Rivers, and Big Ben.  And yet just 2 games into the season there’s mutiny in DC!  The coach throws him under the bus during the post game presser and teammates are calling for Colt McCoy?  Talk about overreacting, what a hot mess.  Hey Kirk, YOU LIKE THAT?

And of course on a weekend like this we all knew it would be the Falcons, Raiders, and Chargers to be the teams lighting it up, right? 

What’s worse, the Rams or the fact that the Seahawks lost to them?  And unless your name is Vince Lombardi, Woody Hayes, or George Allen, when was the last time you could say a 9-3 game was exciting? (You youngins, go look those names up)

1.6 yards/carry, that’s Adrian Peterson’s average so far this year, which just happens to be the fewest rushing yards per attempt by ANY Running Back since the 1970 merger.  Now I’m not saying he’s old and lost a step, but the blue haired ref was beating him to the edge all night. 

Well the Browns are 2 and 0 to start the season!  No, no, no, not in wins, I mean 2 games, 2 QB’s with broken shoulder parts.  We’ve all heard Cleveland is where Quarterbacks go to die, I just never took it literally. At least they’ve finally found something they’re good at.

By the way, look for the new milk carton with Aaron Rodgers picture on it at your local grocery store this week, he’s been missing for a couple of weeks now.

For God’s sake!! This week was so bizarre, Graham Gano had 18 fantasy points, which was more than AJ Green and AB, COMBINED!  #kickerslivesmatter 

I can’t remember a week in the NFL that was so bizarre.  For the sake of our fantasy teams and our emotional well being (and the TV ratings), we can only hope next week is better.

Now get off my yard