Fool's Gold: The Sift Continues

Written by Jay Dondon, Writer and Contributer, @1littleindian on the Fantasy Life App and @1littleindianjd on Twitter

Like any Klondike explorer who found gold on their maiden voyage, there is only one thing to do: Go sift for more. So that’s why I bring you back to gather around my pan and see what we can find. While guys like Tajae Sharpe and Tyler Boyd are being recognized for the talents they brought to the NFL,  guys like Lamar Miller are rising above where we could happily take him at the end of the first. With the masses now turning into truthers we now have to work a little harder to find them.

As the drafts draw closer and for some have already passed, I’m going to take you to the deepest of depths and only focus on players that have an ADP above the 100+ range. That gold shines brighter than a Paul Wall grill and the fact is this is where the draft can go sideways if you’re not prepared.

 This is getting scary for me because at this point I’ve convinced myself to be comfortable to have a roster full of these guys. But that is like bringing a knife to a gun fight and is not my recommendation here.  So let’s be clear, the number one point I make to anyone approaching a fantasy draft is do the research for yourself. No matter how you do it, the research is the foundation for a strong start to your season which starts at the draft not  in week 1 in case you forgot.

24K Gold

Terelle Pryor ADP 214
Yes, that Terelle Pryor. The one that used to be a quarterback.  The dude is athletic and not in a Tim Tebow tryout for baseball way but in a naturally gifted athlete that can transition from a QB to WR way.  Before I get you too excited about Pryor lets keep in mind we are talking about someone we can get for free in the 16th round etc. We have seen his athletic ability on display in his speed off the line and his ability to get separation from his defenders. I also think that his football IQ from being a QB is a great asset for a WR to have. If things continue to progress like they have in the preseason you could have a potential Flex play week in and week, out so for me this reward heavily outweighs the risk.

Devontae Booker ADP 150
This gold shines through on his own as you’ve heard or read the stories that Ronnie Hillman may not make the 53 man roster. But long before those stories there was talk of Booker’s ability to cut and to run downhill. In 2015, at Utah, Booker ran for over 1,261 yards on 268 touches and caught 37 passes for an additional 316 yards. He has the skills to not only work as a change of pace to CJ Anderson but should CJ falter again as he did last year, watch for Bookers roll to expand.  Add to that the cluster you have going on under centre and Booker is easily worth a roster spot as again we are talking about FREE gold people.

Phillip Dorsett ADP 176
I know, surprise surprise another Colts WR, and I’m trying to talk up a guy coming off a 1 TD season.  Yes just one touchdown, but that was his rookie season and he was stuck behind the likes of Ty Hilton, Donte Moncrief and Andre “waste of a roster spot” Johnson (as you can tell I have no hard feelings from 2015). In a potentially potent offence this WR3 that has the ability to run trick plays holds value. In his last colligate season, Dorsett had 10 TD’s on 36 receptions, he blazed a 4.33 40. His tools in that Colts offence should yield great ROI for this late round pick.

18K Gold

Devin Funchess ADP 138
Scoring in Funchess. Yes that was a great team name last year but sadly he didn’t live up to the hype and the news coming out of camp points to value here. At 6’4” and 225 pounds he is a prime Redzone target, so seeing an increase in his 31/473/5 will not come as a surprise as he becomes more relaxed in his role. Plus, with Kelvin Benjamin lined up on the other side of the field look for the connections to start adding up quickly. Going somewhere in and around the 10th round in drafts this is someone to keep your eye on as you could have had him for free if you drafted in early August.  We can only hope it slows down just enough to keep him from turning into Fool’s Gold.

Vincent Jackson ADP 131

VJax is ready to bounce back to form

Vincent Jackson has had only 5 TDs over the past 2 seasons combined, and yes he only played 10 games last year, but he isn’t that far removed from 3 straight seasons with 7 or more TDs.  Prior to last season he had 4 straight 1000+ seasons from 2011-2014. All of his historical stats and a WR2 on an offence that we have high hopes for leaves this 18K gold sitting in our pan. Drafting him as your WR4/5 on your roster means he has very low risk with his draft position.

Jimmy Graham ADP 113

Jimmy is ready to show why Seattle targeted him in free agency

Oh Jimmy, the hearts you broke last year need you to make amends and with this ADP you can do it. We saw him be used as a pass blocker and we asked ourselves, why sign a key free agent and not put him to use? In 2016 with beast mode hanging up his cleats, it seems we could be in for a shift from the typical Seahawks run first offence and moving into a new frontier of pass first offence. While I am lower than most on Lockett and Baldwin I look for Jimmy G to prove why they went out and got him last off season. With his ADP at 113, if you are like many out there if it’s not Gronk you wait, Graham is a great option to end your wait.

Hopefully you discover your fair share of gold as you venture through your draft and keep in mind you can’t win your league on draft day but you can definitely lose it. This second edition of Fool’s Gold should help you through the stressful points in your draft or, as I call it, the fun part. Hopefully I’ve helped you identify value in these later rounds, because in my view this is the key to setting up your season. These later round picks from ADP 100+ are the key to success on bye weeks or if injures hit.

If you ever feel stumped be sure to jump on the Fantasy Life App where I’m @1littleindian and come to the FLAFFL House chat. Someone is always home to help you, or you can also drop me a line on twitter @1littleindianjd