My Thank You to Josh Gordon

Written by Jay Dondon, Writer and Contributer, @1littleindian on the Fantasy Life App and@1littleindianjd on Twitter

Thank you Josh.  Thank you for taking the time to fix yourself. I know, fantasy owners…it hurts.  But, before we start forming an angry mob, let's put our jock version of dungeons and dragons aside and think of the big picture.  This is a man who has battled his demons for years leading up to this. While the urge is for the naysayers to have the hatred flooding his inbox, let’s take the high road and show him the support that is needed to get through this battle.

I understand the angst of the thought that “I wasted a 7th round pick on him." You took a shot and invested in him and just as if any one of your other draft picks went down with an injury, you need to adjust. I know this isn't an injury but the thing we have to remember is this is life and life isn't a game. Let that set in.  Yes, I'm writing this article for a fantasy football site but as I said this is a game.  Just a game.

Maybe I've just reached my tipping point with the inherent anger that comes from the fantasy community, but this is a game that is supposed to bring us happiness and joy to our run of the mill 9-5 working life. It's supposed to enhance our Sundays, not make us read every NFL update with a furrowed brow. But maybe that's just the world we live in now. Maybe we care more about our fantasy teams then people's lives.

But back to why we are here, Josh Gordon.  Some of the pundits are saying he’s one of the biggest wastes of talent or he is being completely selfish. Let's take a step back before we throw accusations around and look at the person that has finally made a decision to better himself.  While I know this may mean the end of his career, it may mean a chance for him to live a healthy life outside of this game and certainly beyond our game within a game.

Heck, maybe I'm asking too much.  Maybe my belief we are all good people has gone too far. I hope in the coming days we (the fantasy football community) can prove my pessimistic views wrong. All I can think when this situation arose is that these are real people. While their decisions may hurt my roster, I will look forward to the day where I can see Mr. Gordon running down the field on a 9 route after he’s put his demons behind him and he is right in body and mind.

So, while you scramble to find a roster replacement, instead of cursing his name, please take some time to send good vibes his way. This is possibly the best and wisest decisions he's made.  Not just on the field, or in the NFL, but in life and I certainly hope this decision is the first step towards a healthy return.

So to you Josh: I wish you the best of luck on this journey. As you have already made what can be the most difficult decision of one’s life, admitting you need help. No matter when or if you come back to the NFL, you'll still have one fan in Canada cheering you on.