#DoingThings: Week 8 Edition

Your weekly (hopefully) series from the Gut Feeling Podcast Crew, Jason Tran (@JasonTran) and Derek McCreath (@TheFFRx).

Week 8.png

For those of you that are new to this series, it will have a streaming type feel to it. As with most things in the FLAFFL House though, it will have a competitive component. Each week Jason and Derek are going to pick one player and build a brief summary as to why you should start them.  The one caveat to this however is the player chosen MUST not be leading their team in any fantasy relevant statistical category (read: score points, therefore targets not included) at their respective position.

Jason’s Pick:

Last week was a disaster, I will admit it. All John Brown had to do was catch one more of his targets and he would have been fine. ANYWAY, I know this is more supposed to be a guy who you can find on your waiver wire, but I don’t like losing. This week I am going with the slam dunk play that I missed last week, and I am going with DeSean Jackson. Currently number two in yards, number three in receptions, and two in touchdowns for the Buc’s WRs he is the smash play this week for this contest between Derek and I.

DeSean is currently averaging over seven targets per game and is averaging 16.4 yards per reception this season. Jackson is now second in targets behind Mike Evans, and I don’t foresee Adam Humphries taking over that spot anytime soon. My main concern with him is that he is up against the Panthers, which currently have the seventh best pass defense in the league. I really don’t have much else to base this pick on except for the fact that it’s Desean Jackson. Plus, he’s good, and I don’t want to lose to Derek again…. ever. Jackson will be out there #DoingThings this week and he will win this for me.

Derek’s Pick:

Thank you, thank you! I am honoured (Canadian) to be the first ever #DoingThings weekly champion. Randall Cobb scored a whopping 220% more fantasy points than John Brown! How bad must Jason be at this game? No need to mention that Cobb only had 3.5 PPR points himself.

Moving onto week eight, I’m going to select a tight end in a surefire effort to defend my title. This might be a long shot and could backfire.  But if I can get a win with only 3.5 points this one should be a lock. Rather than going with a high powered passing offence, this week I’m going to a run first team who lost their top option at the position. They also just happens to have a great TE matchup on the docket. Nick O’leary is my boy this week [Editor’s Note: I promise you he actually wrote that.  I feel like he’s giving Jason the win]. A previously irrelevant fantasy player, prior to the Charles Clay injury, O’Leary has yet to take over any Bills statistical lead at TE. The ineptitude shown by the wide receivers in Buffalo mean O’Leary has only LeSean McCoy to really compete with to receive targets. This means it’s only a matter of time. The Bills are playing Oakland in week eight and as I previously alluded, they are usually a good team to stream opposing TE against. (Credit to Al Zeidenfeld’s DraftKings TE flow chart. Step 1-Is there a tight end playing the raiders? If yes, select that tight end)

There is a sneaky chance that the Bills other TE, QB convert Logan Thomas, could be the play after getting his first receiving touchdown in week seven. Either way, there are definitely things to be done in that game.  I’m putting my Twitter avi, and more importantly my title, on the line and saying that Nick O’Leary is going to be #DoingThings.