#DoingThings: Week 15 Edition

#DoingThings: Your weekly series from the Gut Feeling Podcast Crew, Jason Tran (@JasonTran) and Derek McCreath (@TheFFRx) along with FLAFFL House  co-host Kevin Cutillo (@wallycentral).

For those of you that are new to this series, it will have a streaming type feel to it. As with most things in the FLAFFL House though, it will have a competitive component. Each week Jason, Derek, and Kevin are going to pick one player and build a brief summary as to why you should start them.  The one caveat to this however is the player chosen MUST not be leading their team in any fantasy relevant statistical category (read: score points, therefore targets not included) at their respective position.

Congrats to all those who are still alive and in the semi-finals of you fantasy leagues and best of luck this week!

Once again, Derek bolted across the finish line first (see Jason’s twitter avi to understand the pun). Week 14 was actually the most competitive week to date for this series. OJ Howard got Derek the win with 14.4 points, Kevin had Alfred Morris with 11.5 points, and Jason, predictably, brought up the rear with 9.8 points from Kerwynn Williams. Now, we have had some close finishes before but never have all our picks put forth flex worthy efforts.

Jason’s Pick:

Last week, I feel like I picked a solid choice despite the loss. I will take 10 points from any guy that I should have been able to get off waivers recently. That being said, last place just doesn’t cut it. Luckily for me, that means first dibs on the players this week, and I have what I believe is an excellent choice.

Now, you may not be able to find my guy on waivers but you should find him coming off your benches if you own him. My player this week is Jay Ajayi. Ajayi, could be one of the biggest healthy disappointments in fantasy football this season. He was being drafted in the late first or early second of drafts in redraft leagues, and he really hasn’t had any justification in that. He will, however, come in clutch this week if you happen to make your fantasy playoffs.

Ajayi ended up taking the bulk of the carries for the Eagles last week in their loss to the Rams, tallying 78 yards on 15 carries. This week, Ajayi and the Eagles take on the terrible New York Giants. The Giants are giving up the third most points to running backs this season. This lines up well for someone who should see a ton of carries this week, as favorites on the road. The recent loss of Carson Wentz could possibly change up the game plan as well, leading to more conservative play calling. I expect the Eagles to still destroy the Giants this week, and look to run the ball more with the lead. Look for Ajayi to score 15+ fantasy points this week.

Kevin’s Pick:

Since I’m sitting here writing this on Saturday night and it was just announced that Leonard Fournette will miss his game this week, it would be really easy for me to go with Chris Ivory for the win.  But, I’m an honest man despite what my co-writers and co-hosts might tell you, so I’m going in a different direction.  I’m actually surprised my opponents did not choose this player as it seems blatantly obvious to me.  My selection was a first or second round picks in a lot of leagues after dominating 2016 with over 1,200 yards and 14 touchdowns after coming off a torn ACL.  He was up and down to start this season and then in week six he disappeared when his quarterback was placed on injured reserve after suffering a broken collar bone. 

That’s right, I’m going with Jordy Nelson.  I get it.  He’s been downright awful since Aaron Rodgers went down but Rodgers was activated ahead of the Packers’ game on Sunday.  With Green Bay fighting for a playoff spot I think they will come out firing and Rodgers will be targeting his old binky early and often as he eases back into football shape.  Throw in the fact that the Carolina Panthers have given up the ninth most points to opposing wide receivers in point per reception formats and this one seemed like a no-brainer to me. 

Winner’s (Derek’s) Pick:

I’m getting pretty used to winning this competition. Maybe Jason and Kevin aren’t trying.  Or maybe I am simply just great at this. I’m leaning heavily towards the latter. That said, Jason’s pick of Ajayi is a great play this week as I feel he will be taking over the bulk of the caries now that he is a month into his time with the Eagles.  Especially now that Wentz has gone down. Despite my feelings on Jason’s player, I feel I have a pretty good shot at repeating this week as they player I am picking to be #DoingThings has been getting some serious hype as of late and has a very beatable matchup in the Houston Texans secondary.

Dede Westbrook of the Jacksonville Jaguars should be in all your lineups this week if you’ve got him. I have seen Ryan Mcdowell (@RyanMc23) recommend starting him over Mike Evans and Mike Clay (@MikeClayNFL) noted that over his first four NFL games he has held a 27% target share for Jacksonville. That is elite level usage. Scott Fish (@ScottFish24) added that five out of the six best fantasy days from wide receivers against Houston have come from speed guys, which fits Dede’s profile.

Westbrook has a few other things working in his favour as well. The Jags workhorse running back Leonard Fournette has been hampered by another new lower body injury (quad) and DNP much of the week which could mean less reliance on the run game [Editor’s Note: As mentioned earlier, Fournette has been ruled out for this one].  Blake Bortles has been #okay at throwing the football as of late (too much?). All that put together makes Westbrook a solid pick for this week.