#DoingThings: Week 16 Edition

#DoingThings: Your weekly series from the Gut Feeling Podcast Crew, Jason Tran (@JasonTran) and Derek McCreath (@TheFFRx) along with FLAFFL host Kevin Cutillo (@wallycentral)

For those of you that are new to this series, it will have a streaming type feel to it. As with most things in the FLAFFL House though, it will have a competitive component. Each week Jason, Derek, and Kevin are going to pick one player and build a brief summary as to why you should start them.  The one caveat to this however is the player chosen MUST not be leading their team in any fantasy relevant statistical category (read: score points, therefore targets not included) at their respective position.

Alright everyone, here we are in the final week of #DoingThings for the 2017 season. It’s been a fun ride full of ups and downs, some bad picks, one great pick (Derek & Kenny Stills) and a bunch of mediocre picks. There will be a few adjustments and changes made for #DoingThings 2018 edition but until then let’s get going with our Championship week 16 play.

Last week Derek Picked up his fourth loss of the season while Jason got only his fourth win and from the start Bathroom Kevin has just been, well hanging out in the bathroom.

Derek’s Pick:


This week seems to be yet another without many good options, even with silver lining of picking first. I could not seem to find anyone that jumped out at me for a good #DoingThings pick.

As such, I’m going to go ahead and force a narrative that may not even be there and pick Trey Burton. Burton has flashed his pass catching ability in the games that Zach Ertz has missed this season but he even came through with a score last week when Ertz was active. I’m going to put this on the likely chemistry he has developed from practicing with Nick Foles on the regular.  That makes it a little more likely that Foles may look his way as opposed to Ertz.

The second reason I’m going to go with Burton is the matchup. The Eagles get the Raiders, at home this week and similar to my winning choice of OJ Howard a couple weeks ago, the Raiders are bad at defending against tight ends, on top of being just bad (Sorry Sal).Again there is every real chance Ertz is still the number one guy there this week and he gets all the looks, but Foles showed last week he can keep that offence rolling right along.  I expect the Eagles to put up big numbers yet again. All I need is Burton to snipe a TD or two away from Ertz and this will be easy money for me!

Best of Luck in your Championship games this week and thanks for reading and helping out with Twitter votes and avatars!

Kevin’s Pick:


Alright, I’m tired of not winning.  Being in the bathroom this season has clouded my judgment and I would have lost a lot more if Jason wasn’t so bad at this competition.  If any of you listened to the FLAFFL House podcast #Festivus episode then you heard me rant about three players who have burned me on multiple occasions.  Donte Moncrief, John Brown and Tyler Lockett were all guys I had high hopes for coming into the season.  Instead, they frequently injured, suffered from terrible quarterback play and just plain underperformed.  But this week, I’m giving one of them one chance to redeem themselves in my eyes.  This week, I’m giving Tyler Lockett an opportunity to prove to me that he can have big games and make me fall in love with him all over again for 2018. 

Despite being my binky, Lockett isn’t a terrible choice this week.  He has been better than I made it sound before totaling over 500 yards on 41 receptions and getting in the end zone twice.  Plus, he’s always a threat to score on special teams as he’s still one of the best returners in the game right now.  Not to mention the fact that the Cowboys have given up the fifth most points to opposing wide receivers giving up over 2,000 yards and 19 touchdowns.  Add in the fact that the Seahawks are coming off one of the worst losses in the team’s recent history and I think Russell Wilson is looking for revenge.  He will be slinging the ball around all day long and I think that means lots of receptions for Doug Baldwin, Paul Richardson and my guy Tyler Lockett. 

Jason’s Pick:

Well, well, well.  I finally won another week with my pick of Jay Ajayi last week. I look to end this season with back to back wins, and I have just the guy to do it. Coming in to a starting role by default thanks to injuries, I am rolling with Kapri Bibbs from the Redskins this week.


With all the other running backs for Washington injured, Bibbs is coming in against a tough Denver defense. That being said, I don’t expect him to get his points via carries. I expect him to get his points with catching the ball out of the backfield. Bibbs, a former Bronco, is also looking for revenge against the team that cast him off in April this year.

So I am here, to ring in the season finale with the rare back to back wins. I just want to thank everyone for reading this season, as well as helping with the avatar votes. Shout out to Jake Anderson (@NFLDraftTalker) and Allan Hepworth (@FF_Hep) for contributing photos for vote. If this was a series that you enjoyed, please let us know so that we can bring it back next season.