#DoingThings: Week 14 Edition

#DoingThings: Your weekly series from the Gut Feeling Podcast Crew, Jason Tran (@JasonTran) and Derek McCreath (@TheFFRx) along with FLAFFL House Co-host Kevin Cutillo (@wallycentral)

For those of you that are new to this series, it will have a streaming type feel to it. As with most things in the FLAFFL House though, it will have a competitive component. Each week Jason, Derek, and Kevin are going to pick one player and build a brief summary as to why you should start them.  The one caveat to this however is the player chosen MUST not be leading their team in any fantasy relevant statistical category (read: score points, therefore targets not included) at their respective position.

As first reported by the @JasonTran news network, it appears Jason actually won #DoingThings for once. I’m here to tell you that that is unequivocally #FakeNews. Kevin and Derek beat themselves, no one should believe anything that comes from @JasonTran. That said, Josh Gordon did look great, and if he didn’t have arguably the worst passing quarterback in the game throwing him the football, he mostly likely would have had multiple touchdowns against one of PFF’s top graded cornerbacks, in Casey Hayward.

Kevin’s Pick:

I can’t believe we let Jason win.  It’s bad enough that we even let him write a portion of this article but the fact that he actually won is even more embarrassing.  Time for a rebound for sure.  I honestly don’t even care if I win this week as long as Jason doesn’t repeat.  Wait, scratch that.  I can’t let the Canadian win again either.  It’s alright though, my pick this week is about the surest thing I’ve had throughout this entire article series.  Running back on a run heavy team?  Check.  Running back with a great offensive line. Check.  Plays for a team that is in desperate need of a win?  Check.  Finally, running back playing against a bottom third run defense?  Check.  My pick this week checks a lot of boxes and even though he doesn’t lead in any category on his team he got 27 carries last week in a dominating win. 


This week, I am going with Alfred Morris.  Those 27 carries from last week netted him 127 yards and a touchdown and I expect the Cowboys to try and feed him again this week.  It’s pretty clear that, although he is a great young quarterback, Dak Prescott still needs the help of his running game to be successful and the Cowboys have to win to stay alive in the playoff race.  Morris is the owner of a career 4.4 yards per carry average meaning he only needs 23 carries to top 100 yards even if he’s just average.  While he doesn’t get involved in the passing game too much the touchdown potential is high for him so I expect he will pace the other two guys in this article, even in points per reception format.

Derek’s Pick:

Well, my pick this week is out of necessity (possibly influenced by laziness as I didn’t feel like digging deeper), and goes against my own best fantasy interests. I am also choosing this player as Kevin and Steve (Marcuz) argue about him regularly on the @FLAFFLhouse podcast.

My pick of the week is OJ Howard. I know the narrative is that if Jameis Winston is starting, you start Cameron Brate. Those two have a connection, and to be honest my fantasy life partly depends on Brate in at least one league this week. While Brate is certainly the higher percentage play at the tight end position, #DoingThings is anything but high percentage, and I just want to beat Kevin and Jason.


Howard has been coming on as the season rolls along.  Brate is marginally ahead of him in all categories (37-481-6 vs. 21-348-4) and the Lions are historically generous to opposing tight ends. I don’t think they have been as bad this season as previous ones but they are a pretty favourable matchup. Roll out your Howard shares this week and make Kevin pissed for passing on him (he had first choice this week as, you know, he lost last week. What a loser).

Full disclosure, I would be happier to move on in the fantasy playoffs on the back of another two touchdown game from Brate, but if it were go the other way, not having to change my avi for the weekend would be an okay silver lining.

Jason’s Pick:


Last week I got laughed at for picking Josh Gordon. This week, I make my selection last as the winner. Gordon looked just like his old self in his first game back and should have had two touchdowns. I have enjoyed my victory parade all week, even with a bad record on the season. That being said, I will be going back to back here in week 14 with my pick of Kerwynn Williams.

This pick is purely an opportunity pick, as the matchup against the Titans is not a very good one. The Titans look like a bad team this year with a surprising record, but they are actually good at stopping the run. That said, Williams dominated the carries last week with 16 while averaging 6.1 yards per carry. Adrian Peterson is out once again for the Cardinals and I expect a similar number of carries from Williams this week. This game should be a lot closer than last week’s matchup for the Cardinals, which should allow them more chances to run the ball.  I look forward to winning once again.