2017 NFL Power Rankings: Fantasy Edition

By Rob Schwarz, Jr. (@ChiRuxinDFS)


We are now into June and not much has changed. There have been a few moves that have affected my ranking though and because of that I figured I’d go through them once again.

Jeremy Maclin chose the Ravens (and apparently the Eagles) over the Bills. That gives the Ravens a slight boost. Not to mention if Eric Decker, who signed with the Titans, can stay healthy, Marcus Mariota has a great red zone threat!

Here are my new rankings. Remember, these are not rankings in regards to how well I think the team will do during the season. These rankings are strictly based on how fantasy relevant they are from a team perspective. Pittsburgh is not the best team in the NFL for 2017. That illustrious title would go to the New England Patriots in my opinion [Editor’s Note: This is factually correct!]. Remember this while going through my list.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

According to Big Ben, Martavis Bryant is looking like a stud in camp. Watch out Antonio Brown and LeVeon Bell! Could three Steelers make the top 10 in fantasy scoring this year?

2. Dallas Cowboys

I am starting to get higher than Josh Gordon with my Dez Bryant rankings and that keeps Dallas here as I have lowered my expectations on Dak Prescott. Zeke is still a top-three back to own in fantasy.

3. Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. Shall I say more?

4. Arizona Cardinals         

I almost moved the Cardinals into the number three spot. Carson Palmer is an average quarterback, but do you need more than that if you own David Johnson? Larry Fitzgerald is underappreciated and John Brown needs new hamstrings.

5. New Orleans Saints (from 6)  

Here is my first switch in the rankings. I have become a big believer in this team scoring fantasy points at will. Drew Brees is still elite. I like Snead over Thomas as far as value goes, but both should be fantasy relevant most weeks. Running backs? Still give me Adrian Peterson here.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from 5)      

I bumped these guys down as the hype is getting out of hand. Being number six on my board is nothing to sneeze at though!

7. Oakland Raiders

I think my Bears bias is keeping Oakland here instead of moving the Packers up one spot.

8. Green Bay Packers      

Like David Johnson, Aaron Rodgers himself launches this team high into my rankings. Jordy Nelson…well he is just a guy! (sarcasm)

9. New England Patriots (from 10)        

My next change in rankings involves the Patriots. I still do not know which running back to own (does anyone?), but Brady, Gronkowski, and Cooks alone get me excited!

10. Indianapolis Colts (from 9)   

I am not big on Donte Moncrief, but I do love T.Y. Hilton!

11. Washington Redskins           

Kirk Cousins is in my top-10 for quarterbacks right now and I do not see him dropping. Give me all the Crowder though as Pryor’s ADP is killing his value.

12. Seattle Seahawks (from 15) 

Just as Eddie Lacy keeps making money for losing weight, this team bumps up my rankings! (Note: I still do not trust Russell Wilson)

13. Los Angeles Chargers          

Keenan Allen is healthy (for now!), but Mike Williams might be missing time. Are the wide receivers on the Chargers cursed? Plug in Tyrell Williams who has great value right now!

14. Cincinnati Bengals (from 12)           

Dalton, Green, Mixon and Ross…Meow!

15. Tennessee Titans (from 22) 

This has partly to do with the Decker signing and partly because I just love the upside here. They can score from any position from quarterback to tight end!

16. Philadelphia Eagles (from 14)         

Alshon getting no love and Wentz is dropping down my rankings.

17. Carolina Panthers (from 16) 

I think the Bengals are the better cats to own as Kelvin Benjamin tries to replace Greg Olsen at tight end.

18. New York Giants         

I am so close to moving them up to number 16. I probably should just do it as OBJ has been elite for too long that the other players should not matter much.

19. Houston Texans (from 17)   

So the Giants stayed put and the Texans moved down two spots. I see this team falling more as we get closer to the season.

20. Buffalo Bills (from 19)

Give me all the Tyrod Taylor and I hope his ADP does not change. I especially like him in 2QB leagues! If only they signed Maclin!

21. Miami Dolphins (from 20)      

Many sharks here, but Tannehill is a fish I just do not have faith in.

22. Denver Broncos (from 21)    

The more I research, the more I love Demaryius Thomas this year! Great value for a low-end WR1.

23. Baltimore Ravens (from 26) 

The Maclin signing bumped them up here. That said, losing Pitta hurts. Go sign Barnidge!

24. Jacksonville Jaguars

Blake Bortles is underrated (unless interceptions are worth more than -2) and I think Fournette helps keep defenses honest. Love the value for Marqise Lee!

25. Detroit Lions (from 28)

Give me Stafford and Tate…not touching anyone else here – including Ameer Abdullah

26. Kansas City Chiefs (from 23)           

The Chiefs cut Maclin and Baltimore and the Chiefs flip in my rankings. Kelce is the only must-own player here (and the defense). Hill has potential as well.

27. Chicago Bears (from 25)

I was too high on them to begin with, despite my love for Jordan Howard. He is rushing for the most yards in the NFL this season – just ask him!

28. Minnesota Vikings (from 29)

I am buying all-in on Stefon Diggs this season – especially in best ball leagues!

29. Los Angeles Rams (from 30)           

As my confidence in Todd Gurley goes up, so does the Rams rankings. They added to their o-line and I think Gurley bounces back some in 2017.

30. Cleveland Browns (from 31)

Have you seen Isaiah Crowell’s ADP? I prefer Kenny Britt for his value.

31. San Franciso 49ers (from 32)          

I now like two players from this team – Carlos Hyde and Pierre Garcon. (Hoyer for best ball)

32. New York Jets (from 27)       

No one knows what this team is doing, not even the Jets’ front office!