Put Some Respeck on my name: SFB7 Edition

By Anthony Reimer (@reimeras)

The day has finally come! The Scott Fish Bowl draft day is here at last. Like some of you, I have been waiting for this day for over a year. Since it is the kickoff day for #SFB7 I figured now was as good a time as any to review some of the Scott Fish Bowl Mock Draft ADP and provide you with some players that are being disrespected by drafters. If you are in #SFB7 congratulations and good luck to you. If you are reading this and you’re not in, please check out fantasycares.net. Scott is running Best Ball Charity leagues there and the winner receives an entry into SFB8. Even if you are in #SFB7 go there and make a donation.  It’s for the kids!

All ADP values are provided by fantasyadhd.com

Greg Olsen ADP: 41.72

Much has been made of the SFB7 Tight End premium in which all first downs are worth 2.5 points. This has made some tight ends skyrocket up draft boards.  For some reason Greg Olsen still isn't getting the respect he deserves. A model of consistency, Olsen has accumulated over 1,000 yards in each of the past three seasons. In two of those htree seasons 67.5 percent of his receptions have been for first downs. The down year?  He had a 66.4 percent 1st down rate in 2014. In each of the past two seasons Olsen has been a top three TE and a top 40 player in SFB7 scoring.  Touchdowns were down for Olsen in 2016 but I expect that to normalize to his usual six or seven a season. While Olsen doesn't have the upside of Gronk or Reed, he has a much higher floor since his injury history is nonexistent. So, let other people reach for Gronk or Kelce in the second round. I'll take Olsen in the fourth all day.

Philip Rivers ADP: 46.18

Considering a quarterback being disrespected is a foreign concept to me. I'm a huge advocate for waiting on QB, and they usually get too much respect in fantasy as it is. However, since SFB7 is a Super Flex league quarterbacks take on a much larger level of importance. If you aren't playing a Super Flex as essentially a two QB league, you're doing it wrong. In 2016, Rivers was the QB10 in SFB scoring and he is currently being drafted at QB15. In 2015, during the eight weeks Keenan Allen was healthy, Philip Rivers was absolutely on fire. He averaged 26.58 fantasy points per game, second only to Tom Brady during that stretch. Rivers had a career high in pass attempts in 2016 but I think that was more a result of him trying to do too much rather than taking what the defense gives to him. Now he adds first round pick Mike Williams, a healthy Keenan Allen and Travis Benjamin, an improved offensive line and both Tyrell Williams and Hunter Henry have a full year under their belt. At a fourth round cost, Rivers is the perfect guy to draft if you fade QB early. He could potentially be your QB2 which should provide a significant Week to Week advantage.

 Willie Snead ADP: 90.05

I know what you're thinking, a wide receiver? Needing more respect? Not in this scoring format! While I understand that these rules skew away from wide receivers they still hold plenty of value. The rules require starting three wide receivers every week so you're going to need plenty of high upside guys to help fill out your roster. Enter Willie Snead. A favorite breakout candidate in 2016 Snead may have disappointed some.  That had more to do with Michael Thomas’s breakout than anything else. With Brandin Cooks in New England Snead inherits a huge opportunity for valuable Drew Bree's targets. Cooks absence should also allow Snead to improve upon his three TDs last year. In 2016, Snead had an outstanding 1st down conversion rate of 70.8 percent. While I love Michael Thomas as much as anyone, the jury is still out on how he’ll perform when facing the opposing defenses number one corner. Plus, Drew Brees doesn't force feed any one guy, instead throwing it to whoever is open. With Thomas garnering so much attention I'm willing to bet Snead will be that guy quite a bit. At worst Snead is a top 24 WR with much higher upside and is currently being drafted at a WR3’s cost.

Frank Gore ADP: 97.68

This is just shameful! Didn't anyone ever teach these drafters to respect their elders? Ok, I promise that's the only Frank Gore age joke I'll tell today. The RB14 in each of the past two seasons, Gore just keeps proving his doubters wrong. Currently being drafted as the 32nd running back, Gore is about as cheap as they'll come for an RB2. Even if his volume decreases somewhat, he is pretty much guaranteed all goal line work and meaningful carries on an offense that should be able to score. While I don't know how long he’ll be able to keep this up his downside is already well built into his cost. Also, Marlon Mack is very cheap, ADP of 153, making this one of my favorite tandems to draft. Let people reach for sexy new names like Derrick Henry or Tevin Coleman.  Sometimes you just need a nice steady man who will get the job done.

Danny Woodhead ADP: 107.45

A zero-RB PPR darling for most of career, Woodhead definitely deserves more respect than he is currently getting. SFB7 may not be PPR but volume is the name of the game and Woodhead should see plenty of it. In 2015, Woodhead was the RB12 in SFB7 scoring. That season he was the most targeted running back in the NFL and he just went to a team that lead the NFL in passing attempts the past two seasons. Seems like a perfect marriage to me. With Kenneth Dixon missing the first four games, Woodhead should start the season as the Ravens’ third down running back and a valuable red zone weapon. As long as he stays healthy, Woodhead is a sure fire top 24 running back and is being drafted at RB35. So let the other people overreact to the lack of PPR and be the one that gives Woodhead the respect he damn well deserves.

I hope you found this helpful. Unless you're in the Cruella De Vil league, in which case this was all a lie! Good luck to everyone in SFB7, you're gonna need it.