2017 NFL Power Rankings: Fantasy Edition

By Rob Schwarz, Jr. (@ChiRuxinDFS)

I skipped July and we are now into August. Let us take a look and see how things have changed, shall we?

Remember, these are fantasy team rankings. Think of it as if you had to draft an entire team – quarterback, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends. Now, you do not get ALL of their fantasy points though. Instead, you have to set the optimal lineup. This lowers teams like New England who you can never predict which running back is going to see the bulk of the load.

Now, there have been some changes since June. Injuries are starting to heal, new injuries have taken place and one particular player is holding out. Not to mention off-the-field issues for certain guys whose name rhymes with reek.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

I am so close to moving this team down. If LeVeon Bell does not suit up before Week 1, I do not trust he finishes the season healthy. Either that or he has a slower start. Come September 1st, this team could be in the number three spot.

2. Atlanta Falcons ( UP from 3)

I am not a big fan of this team, but I cannot help to have them here. I have Matt Ryan as my QB5 (I am starting to think that’s too high based on recency bias), Devonta Freeman as my RB6 and Julio Jones as my WR5. Hard to not have this team here.

3. Arizona Cardinals ( UP from 4)

David Johnson is the only reason this team is this high! The guy is a freak of a fantasy athlete. He is like Batman combined with Superman – you get the best of both worlds! Larry Fitzgerald would be like his Robin and well…the rest of the team does not excite me.

4. New Orleans Saints ( UP from 5)

Drew Brees, Michael Thomas and Willie Snead are a deadly combination. I am down on Thomas based on his ADP (you will see another article coming out soon explaining why), but I cannot discount his ability. Now throw in the running back combination and this team screams fantasy goodness!

5. Green Bay Packers ( UP from 8)

My Chicago Bears bias has been removed and I have catapulted the Packers up three spots. This team has too many weapons and come September I might move them up more. If I was higher on Davante Adams this team would be top-three. I just do not think he lives up to his 2016 season or current ADP.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa keeps falling down my list, but this is not as much a knock on this team as it is me getting more excited about my division rival. I think I just threw up a little admitting that!

7. New England Patriots ( UP from 9)

I am not a fan of the Patriots. I am jealous of their success and I think Peyton Manning is the true GOAT. That said, something about this team has me thinking they dominate offensively. Think almost as good as the 2007 season when Brady and Randy Moss broke records.

8. Oakland Raiders

I am starting to feel indifferent about this team. Top-10 is not bad, but the Cooper injury (although not serious) has me wondering if they should move down.

9. Washington Redskins ( UP from 11)

Captain Kirk is at the helm and his value based on ADP should be intriguing to most. I have him as my QB6. Grab him late and thank me later.

10. Seattle Seahawks ( UP from 12)

This team will not get higher for me this season. An injury caused a team to fall below them - that is all.

11. Dallas Cowboys ( DOWN from 2)

Zeke is currently being suspended six games this season. That could change based on an appeal, but it knocks this team WAY down! I am already not high on Dak, so this news makes the team fall in my rankings. I also moved Zeke to RB4 – behind LeSean McCoy.

12. Los Angeles Chargers ( UP from 13)

Loving Keenan Allen and Tyrell Williams value!

13. Cincinnati Bengals ( UP from 14)

I am not as big on Mixon as some, but hard to deny his talent and potential. This team definitely has some fantasy firepower!

14. Indianapolis Colts ( DOWN from 9)

That team I mentioned with the injury is the Colts. Reports are Luck is finally throwing footballs, but the jury is still out on if he will start the season. If Luck is healthy for Week 1, this team (and T.Y. Hilton) move up my rankings!

15. Tennessee Titans ( UP from 22)

DeMarco Murray already dinged up, but Henry waiting in the wings. Lots of potential fantasy goodness on this team.

16. New York Giants ( UP from 18)

I said I was close to moving them up to 16 back in June and here they are. A trade within their division sealed the deal and I am starting to think more highly of Brandon Marshall opposite OBJ.

17. Philadelphia Eagles ( DOWN from 16)

Jordan Matthews flies to Buffalo and gets hurt in the process…guess he should not have flown United! Doh!

18. Carolina Panthers ( DOWN from 17)

Did you see that Kelvin Benjamin touchdown? I guess being fat does not matter and this team could creep up the list as McCaffrey shows off his abilities.

19. Houston Texans

DeShaun Watson is making a case with his preseason performances as Tom Savage has looked, not bad.

20. Miami Dolphins ( UP from 21)

Ryan Tannehill is a fish out of water as Adam Gase brings in Jay Cutler to captain his sinking ship!

21. Buffalo Bills ( DOWN from 20)

Say hello to Anquan Boldin! Now say goodbye! Apparently that was enough to move Sammy Watkins. Nope, they then added Jordan Matthews. This team is primed for 2018 with six picks within the first three rounds! My guess…say goodbye to Tyrod Taylor.

22. Denver Broncos

This team has some weapons, but just does not have a good enough quarterback to get me excited.

23. Baltimore Ravens

For my best ball leagues I am still waiting for that Barnidge signing!

24. Detroit Lions ( UP from 25)

Give me Stafford and Tate…not touching anyone else here – including Ameer Abdullah.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars ( DOWN from 24)

They just lost Marqise Lee to an ankle sprain. Does not sound like much, but I think he’s the second best WR on this team.

26. Chicago Bears ( UP from 27)

Totally a homer pick moving them up, but I do not care! Did you see my main man Mitchell?

27. Kansas City Chiefs ( DOWN from 26)

Still not a fan of anything here outside of Kelce. I like Ware a little, but here is my view on Tyreek Hill!

28. Minnesota Vikings

If you like fantasy defenses, the Vikings are great! That said, do we really care? Diggs, Rudolph, Cook and Thielen are some okay names, but meh.

29. Los Angeles Rams

I am not moving them up yet, but I should be. Gurley, Goff and Watkins should make for a much improved Rams team!

30. Cleveland Browns

Give me all the Britt and I do not intend on eating Crow!

31. San Franciso 49ers

Hyde as an RB2 and Garcon as a WR3 sound like good deals to me!

32. New York Jets

No comments needed, this team is going to just stink!