The Pawn Shop: Week 3 Edition

By Jason Donio (@1littleindianjd)

My, oh my, yet another disappointing week where studs were duds and duds were studs.  It looks like the bizarro world continues. Following week two the Top three QB’s are Alex Smith, Trevor Simien and Carson Wentz. I know. I had to read that back three times and check the stats five times, but that’s the way this 2017 has started.  So many owners went from rosterbating to roster raging in a short order. Now is not the time for rash decisions though.  Now is the time to be precise with your actions.

Remember who you drop is just as important as who you pick up.  You don’t want to be the guy in your league picking up Bennie Fowler following his week one performance only to realize he’s as trustworthy as a fart after night of Mexican food and tequila.

Sorry for that image but just needed to make sure the point got across.  Before I go off on another tangent, let’s check out what we still have hanging around the Pawn Shop that can help your lineups for week 3 and beyond. [Editor’s Note: If you readers only knew the amount of tangents deleted from these articles prior to publishing, you would be shocked we allow this guy to write for us.  But hey, it’s free labor] 

Coby Fleener, TE – New Orleans Saints

Don’t adjust your monitor, and no, you haven’t travelled back in time.  Coby Fleener has decided 2017 is the season to become fantasy relevant. The yardage certainly has not been the prettiest. But the targets and the redzone work make him a worthy candidate to help in this time of need Reed, Olsen, Gronk and Graham all being effected this weekend by the injury bug. Fleener has shown he is a reliable option early this season and is only 31% owned.

Evan Engram, TE – New York Giants [Editor’s Note: HOMER ALERT]

We saw his first career TD in week two and even with Odell Beckham Jr. on the field we saw that Engram is a key piece of that offence.  With four receptions in each of the first two weeks, Engram, a heavily touted prospect coming into the season, has proven why with his performance. As mentioned, week two wasn’t kind to the TE position and Engram can help any team in this time of need. Engram’s ownership is only 9.9%.

Marqise Lee, WR – Jacksonville Jaguars

With Allen Robinson out for the season, Lee made the most of his opportunity. He was targeted 12 times and caught seven of those for 76 yards. Lee’s target share gives him a safe floor.  He also has a high ceiling which makes him a viable weekly start with bye weeks starting up and injuries decimating the league. I look for this to continue no matter what happens with the Jags QB situation. Lee entered the season as a sleeper on many radars and he will take this opportunity to show why. Lee is 30.1% owned and should be rostered immediately.

J.J Nelson, WR – Arizona Cardinals

While we all know you can’t depend on finding paydirt on a weekly basis J.J - don’t call me Jamarcus - Nelson may be a bright spot in an otherwise lackluster offence for the Cardinals. Nelson has 13 targets through the first two weeks and is playing on a team that we can count on to be behind every week. This makes Nelson worthy of a stash in any format. If we can see Nelson’s target share continue he has the potential to have a safe floor on a weekly basis. J.J Nelson is currently only 18.1% owned.

Chris Carson, RB – Seattle Seahawks

While the offence has been abysmal, Chris Carson seems to be the light shining in the darkness. We saw Eddie Lacy become a healthy scratch which will likely be the new norm based on what we saw Sunday.  With the terrible play that makeshift O-line has shown, Carson is the only startable RB in the Seahawks backfield.  Once the Seattle passing attack gets going Carson should get his chance to shine. Carson racked up 20 touches in week two and we can only hope to see that continue. Carson is only 8.6% owned.

Well folks those are some my favourite gems this week.  Always remember, who you drop is just as important as who to add.  So stop by the FLAFFL house on all social media and we can help you out with all those decisions. As always: may all you waiver adds turn to gold!

All ownership percentages are based on ESPN Fantasy Leagues.