The Pawn Shop: Week 4 Edition

Jason Donio (@1littleindianjd)

Wow this can’t be real; this has to be some sort of 3 week long nightmare. We still saw so many underwhelming performances, but the law of averages says that we will see a return to the norm at some point.  

Before I jump into who is laying around the Pawn Shop, remember that now may be the best time to try and Buy Low on these under performing players in your leagues. Take some time before you set your claims this week and look around at the records and send out some offers. With struggling teams come owners that may jump at a name that has had a decent start to the season. Maybe it’s time for you to shake up that roster because your team is struggling (like my 0-3 FLAFFL team).

If you can’t find any willing trade partners, let’s see what we can find around the shop for free.

Bruce Ellington, WR - Houston Texans

It appears there is another body other that DeAndre Hopkins to throw the ball to. Ellington is worth a stash if this trend continues. With the youngster at the helm in Deshaun Watson, the Texans have seemed to have found balance and need someone to take some targets while defences double team Hopkins. Ellington saw 7 targets Sunday vs. the Patriots and made good use of them with 4 receptions for 59 and a TD. Ellington is 0% owned, yes 0% and as I said is worth a stash.

Sterling Shepard, WR - New York Giants

As I Giants fan I had to put this here. Coming off a huge week, he showed he is the #2 option to OBJ. He has looked more impressive than Marshall every week and if the Giants continue to play as poorly as they have, they will need to pass the ball a ton to stay competitive. Shepard is owned in 34.3% of leagues.

Corey Clement, RB - Philadelphia Eagles

With Sproles on the IR there is room open for someone to step up in the Eagles backfield. While they will likely lose goal line touches to Blount, they will still see a flex worthy workload. While Smallwood has worked last year in the offence during the injury woes, he was not overly impressive. Clement broke of a nice TD run Sunday and should get a chance to continue to show what he can do while Sproles is on the IR. Clement is a whopping 0.1% owned and could sneak through after waivers clear depending on league size.

Matt Breida, RB - San Francisco 49ers

At this point Breida is purely a nadcuff but he is a nadcuff worth owning. We saw on Thursday when Hyde went out for a brief stint that it was Breida the Niners turned to in the backfield. There was a lot of preseason hype surrounding him and he showed why in the few plays he got the chance to. If you are an RB needy team, Breida is a a great stash as we have seen Hyde’s durability become an issue in years past. Brieda is 0.9% owned.

Well folks those are some my favourite gems this week.  Always remember, who you drop is just as important as who to add.  So stop by the FLAFFL House on all social media and we can help you out with all those decisions. As always: may all you waiver adds turn to gold!