The hosts of the Fantasy Football Funhouse Podcast are....

Kevin Cutillo

@WallyCentral on Twitter and @wallycenral on the Fantasy Life App

I'm a true Masshole to the core and I've been known to be called a Patriots homer from time to time since I'm currently a season ticket holder . Mostly though, I just love the game of football.  I've watched Arena League, Canadian Football and yes, I even watched the ill-advised UFL and even worse XFL (Tommy Maddox was my boy).    

I've been playing fantasy sports for 15 years and have won more than I've lost.  I definitely prefer to play in dynasty formats with 12 or more teams but have been in all kinds of leagues from 10 team standards to the insane 720 team Super Flex TE premium points per first down Scott Fish Bowl.  I always encourage people to get into more leagues and try some different variations whenever possible.  

I'm always available to chat about fantasy football or answer any questions.  You can hit me up on Twitter by following @wallycentral or on the Fantasy Life App under the same handle. 


Steven Marcuz

@SidSkeat on Twitter and @sidskeat on the Fantasy Life App

Born in a small town, I was forced from a very early age to find things to occupy my time. Very early on I realized that thing was sports and being a kid who was addicted to reading statistics, I found fantasy football and was instantly hooked. What started as a game for me has grown into an addiction, and has helped me form many different relationships with many different types of people.

I love fantasy sports, but what I love about the game is the conversations that go on between people that play the same game that brings me so much joy and heartache. I'm a huge Denver Broncos, San Francisco Giants, and Minnesota Timberwolves fan (don't ask) so I've lived through some good times and bad. Follow me on Twitter @SidSkeat or on the Fantasy Life App @sidskeat! I'm always around to dish out championship winning advice, pictures of my trophy are platered all over this place!



Sal Leto

@LetoSal on Twitter and @sal33 on the Fantasy Life App

Proud father of three. Born and raised New Yorker. Started playing Fantasy Football in 1992 in the back pages of the NY Daily News. Played my first real league, SJFFL, in 1994 and won my first championship in 1998. Co Founder and Co Host of the FLAFFL House podcast. Contributing writer for "I'm usually chasing my kids around the country but I always have time to talk Fantasy Football