The boys from the FLAFFL House Podcast will be engaging in the first ever Scott Fish Bowl #SFB8 Podathon!  They will be going live on YouTube from 11 AM ET on Monday July 9th until 11 AM ET on Monday July 10th, all in support of Fantasy Cares and Toys for Tots!  That’s right, we are going to be coming to you live on air for 24 straight hours on the day the Scott Fish Bowl fantasy football tournament kicks off.  Don’t worry though, you don’t have to listen to just us for 24 hours straight. Sal has been crushing it in booking tons of great guests including the founder of the tournament, Mr. Scott Fish himself.  Some of the others include Mark Schofield from Inside the Pylon, Matt Kelley from the RotoUnderworld, Shane Manilla from Dynasty Football Factory’s Dynasty Trades HQ, Bobby Koch from the Afterburners podcast, Andy Singleton from Fantrax and many more.  You can check out the shows on YouTube by clicking on one of the links below but more importantly please click on the Donate Now button and give a little to Fantasy Cares and Toys for Tots!  Those who donate will have a chance to win one of these great prizes from our friends in the fantasy football industry:

$60 to spend at My Fantasy Tee

An Ultimate Draft Kit from the Fantasy Footballers

5 Orange & OJ Report bundles from the FF Ghost

Dynasty Happy Hour Sweatshirt

Numberfire premium Subscription

Scott Fish Bowl Avi's from @SFB_AviMakers

#SFB8 Shirt & 2 Rotowear Shirts from Rotowear

Fantasy Swag from the F3 Pod

Multiple #SFB9 Entries from Scott Fish

Consistency Guide for every $20 donation from Bob Lung

Dynasty Game Night Shirt from John Bosch & Matt Price 

5 All Pro Memberships from The Football Guys

Championship Ring from Trophy Smack

Devy Watch Report for every donation made while Shane Manilla is on the show (9:30 - 10 PM ET)