FLAFFL. Fantasy Life App Fantasy Football League. At least that’s how it started, as a fantasy football league. What it has become is something I don’t think anyone saw coming. So when I was asked to write this article so many great moments came to mind. But what came to mind first and foremost was the people. It’s the Fantasy Life App users who have made FLAFFL what it is. I asked those people (FLAFFLers) to send me emails so they can help tell you what FLAFFL is. One word kept coming up in those emails, Family.

After being on the FLA for about a week, I decided that I wanted to start a league with the many people I was interacting with. After FLAFFL was initiated and the chat was opened, I was not prepared for what happened next. We all started talking football, constantly, first it was centered on the league, but then people started funneling in and joining the fun. Before long, there was no telling who was in the league and who wasn’t, because FLAFFL became so much more than a fantasy football league. FLAFFL has become a place where people can come and chat about anything sports related, and there is always someone there to get advice from. The family that has formed there will forever change the way I play fantasy sports and is a standard to which I will hold any other leagues I become a part of. I could never have imagined this happening when FLAFFL began and now I can’t imagine what I would do without my FLAFFL Family! — Steve Marcuz aka @sidskeat, creator of the FLAFFL League and the chat, FLAFFL Brass Member

As mentioned above, we soon noticed it wasn’t just the sixteen guys in the league hanging out in the league chat. There were people constantly checking to see if the league still had openings. Others would pop in to ask for an opinion on drafting a player or who to start that week. Some just popped while others stayed and talked, bantered or debated. FLAFFL was contagious it had become a virus.

An Early FLAFFL Recruitment Post

An Early FLAFFL Recruitment Post


Man, the ways FLAFFL changed my fantasy sports life is infinite. The ability to bounce trade offers off people to not insult the people in my league was priceless. Also, the heavy discussions of waivers starting after the first game of the week leading up to Tuesday night was an awesome tool. Hightower pushing me to the playoffs was amazing and literally saved my season. So I guess the biggest benefit I found once I stumbled on the FLAFFL promise-land was just the sheer amount of good advice that can be found there from the start sit opinions to the value I was overlooking on certain players. To have that unbiased view from people not in your league or people that hold their players to a higher value is something you don’t get from a lot of football communities. Typically everyone has their favourites and they can’t see past that but in FLAFFL it’s no holds barred truth whether you like or not they tell it the way it is and most of the time it’s not just mediocre advice. I also really enjoyed the place to vent about players doing shit and players going off without causing beef with league mates thinking you’re trying to rub it in. — Jason Donio aka @1littleindian

All of a sudden The FLAFFL House was open and not just during prime time. The FLAFFL House was open 24 hours each day, seven days a week. East coast or west coast, someone was always home. It became how you started your day and ended your night. The chat numbers grew day by day, but why? Because everyone always says no one cares about YOUR fantasy football team. Except in FLAFFL, we do. We answered every question no matter how many times it was asked and we sympathized because we were going through the same anguish or celebrated because we shared a player.

FLAFFL started out for me as a place to go ask questions regarding my weekly lineup and trade advice. I remember stumbling into the room because it was trending on the Chat section of the FL App. I never imagined how my fantasy world would have changed in such a positive way. I have developed relationships, and dare I say even friendships, with people I never would have normally talked to or met. Fantasy football brought us together, but we have become a true family. We share our daily lives with each other. We give each other daily advice on real issues and not just fantasy related ones. Not to mention the shenanigans! — Rob Schwarz Jr aka @chiruxin Fantasy Pros correspondent

I used to get up on Sunday check the injuries and last minute match ups and finalize my rosters. But now FLAFFL was the place people would come and they were looking for those answers from us. We were their source, their guide to fantasy happiness. The questions and answers would fly right up to kickoff. Then kickoff, and thousands, yes thousands (8,000+ chat members), of us watched together. We laughed, we cried, we cheered, we complained, we celebrated and we did it together. It’s hard to explain but if you were in the chat on a football Sunday it was like being in a stadium.

Some leagues only meet once a year to draft, but with FLAFFL, I get to see the other 15 guys in the league, as well as the thousands of others that come in and chat every day. It’s the closest thing you can get to family, other than blood relation. — Zachary Apt aka @zachapt Original FLAFFL League Member

FLAFFL has turned fantasy more into reality. It used to be watch the game, cheer on your players, and trash talk your league mates. Now it’s kicking back and watching football with extended friends and family every week. An opportunity to interact with FF fans from all around the world cheering for and against each other, trash talking, and offering advice. It only seems right to watch football while FLAFFL’ing. FLAFFL is more than fantasy it’s a family and I can’t imagine going back to fantasy the way it used to be. — Cory Grummert aka @cory

For more than a few years, I was heavily involved in fantasy football. Once I started my career, time was hard to come by and while I was still passionate about fantasy football, it took a backseat to the day to day events of normal life. Finding the Fantasy Life App helped me find FLAFFL. FLAFFL has renewed my spirit in making fantasy football a necessary priority for enjoying life a bit more each day. It’s an avenue for discussion, expression, and it’s a family. — Greg Davis aka @thehype

We continued to innovate as the first ever FLAFFL Awards Show was held in the chat. Yes, you read that right. We had an awards show. The awards were a combination of fantasy and categories from the chat and possibly set the record for most total props in a three hour period.

I was an avid main pager for a long time. I don’t even really know how I stumbled into FLAFFL but very shortly after I did I felt at home. Lots of knowledgeable fantasy enthusiasts talking sports or anything really almost 24 hours a day. I had found a group of people as crazy about fantasy sports as I was. I had no clue about the leagues under the name FLAFFL until a week or so later but the chat was filled with good guys. Once I learned a little more about the structure that was being put in place I had to be a part of it. I’ve played in tons of money leagues but something about this felt special to me. It was bigger than a money league and had more meaning to me. I guess FLAFFL changed fantasy football for me by giving me a community to talk to night and day that was just as avid for the sport as I was. It also has created a relegation system that made a league instantly more exciting than any I had played in before. — Tyler Hoogerdyk aka @hoog

As the fantasy season drew to a close we wondered how FLAFFL would survive the offseason. With the popularity of the FLAFFL chat so many wanted to be a part of the league, but how? The FLAFFL Brass came up with a way to reward some of the most loyal chat members who stayed active even during the long cold winter. Instead of one league we created three. A fantasy football tier system. The original league would be the Major Leagues, a 16 team cutthroat league with three keepers and nothing but sophisticated players. The other two leagues would make up a minor league system where players would battle to win and move up to the league above all while avoiding last place and relegation to the league below. In order to fill the leagues we would choose from the most loyal, active and creative participants to the app and the chat and would announce them at certain times in the chat. This created an announcement day once each week and unless you spend an announcement day in the chat it’s something you wouldn’t believe.

To this day I remember Announcement Day for the four spots into the Premier FLAFFL League. Four teams were being given to people who participated on the app and in the chat because the previous owners were not contributing enough. In my mind, I knew that I had a small chance, but after going through the names I put myself sixth on the list. The guys got us good with a Steve Harvey meme and announced @geo. I honestly thought they were using the meme because @geo was overusing Steve Harvey memes for the last few weeks leading up to the announcement. I never thought they would actually pull a Steve Harvey and then change the name of who was receiving the third spot. When they announced it was me I was honestly speechless. I had prepared two memes thinking I was not going to make it and I did not have anything prepared for if I was chosen. It was like the actors who do not think they will win an Oscar, but when their name is called they have nothing to say. I took a screenshot of the announcement to make sure it was real! I never thought being chosen would bring me so much emotion. It just goes to show how much we have invested over the last seven to nine months. I am a proud FLAFFL member, and I plan on continuing to be a proud FLAFFL member until the day I die. (Or my wife threatens to divorce me and even then I may choose FLAFFL) — Rob Schwarz aka @Chiruxin

The success of FLAFFL is thanks to the app creators and the unbelievable people who are a part of it. It has afforded us the opportunity to write for sideprize.com and start our own podcast. We have a weekly schedule that keeps us all entertained. Monday Meme Battle has become a big crowd favorite, Tuesday is podcast release day, Wednesday is new league member announcement followed by FLAFFL trivia night and Thursday’s are draft night. You can also find late night madness in the chat’s own FLAFFL After Dark.

The FLAFFL Family is made of some of the most creative and interesting people you will find anywhere as evidenced by some of the following quotes from actual FLAFFL Family Members.

During the barren winter months I sought shelter in The FLAFFL league chat where one of my most frequent users in the 2015 season (@geo) had already planted his seed. Expecting to find a winter war bunker to hole up while I waited for the draft I was instead greeted with open arms by a population just as nuts about Fantasy Football as I am! Needless to say I am here to stay and forever grateful I decided to pop in and say “what’s up” just a few short weeks ago. — David Olivarez aka @tradefantasy creator of tradefantasy.com

I didn’t think football could get any better. Then fantasy football came along. Then, I thought that was as good as it was going to get, but then the Fantasy Life App came along. Wonder who to start, who to use that claim on, boom, instant feedback. See a crazy play on Sunday, or a terrible call and watch the main page explode with celebration, rage, and all sorts of hilarity. This app, the users on the App and the members of FLAFFL have made one of my favorite things in life, even better. — Shaun Meyer aka @deadduck

I stumbled into FLAFFL by chance. I had no idea what it was, but as soon as I was in I knew it was a place to stay. People were friendly without being p*****s about it. It was (is) a great place for fantasy advice, but it was also a great place to just hang out. It takes a knowledgeable fantasy football manager and puts them in the major leagues of fantasy sports while at the same time making it a place to call home. I share life events in FLAFFL and I share my sports opinions. I’m proud to be a part of the community. It will push any fantasy player to a level they never thought possible and Mathew Berry stops in from time to time. — Scott Timms aka @showcase4

I’m one of those guys that always enjoyed the team atmosphere of playing sports. Hanging out with a bunch of people with a common goal of winning while messing around and having a good time. Pulling shenanigans on each other and talking trash but keeping the camaraderie and knowing you are surrounded by family. That’s how FLAFFL has changed Fantasy Football for me… It’s my family! — Ryan Trammell aka @tram Fantasy Pros Correspondent and FLAFFL Brass Member

When I found the fantasy life app I thought it would be an interesting way to get some free advice on who to start or sit and see if it would be a good outlet for me to try giving advice. I had always wanted to write about fantasy so I figured this would be a good start. Little did I know it would turn out to be an addiction. I used to give my wife hell constantly because she was always on Pinterest and suddenly I was unable to do that because I was always on FLA. obviously the biggest reason for that is FLAFFL. The guys that make up the “brass” have truly become my friends and the whole community itself is so family like it’s scary. I’ve found that the people who have stayed on the app during the offseason truly believe they have found an outlet for when they are excited about something, sad about something or anything in between. I can’t imagine the guys that created the app so this coming when they made it but I hope they understand the community they started. None of us could ask for much more. — Kevin Cutillo aka @wallycentral FLAFFL Brass Member

How FLAFFL has changed Fantasy Football for me is by continuous fantasy talk year round and a great group of guys who love to have fun and just talk nonsense. Im really grateful theirs a community i can keep my fantasy football hobby alive even in the offseason and for that i thank FLAFFL and the fantasy life app. — Erik Vasquez aka @thebenchwarmer

Well being apart of the main FLAFFL league i feel obligated to write a quote for the article because of the postive impact the league and everyone in the chat has had on me during my time there. FLAFFL is a constant source for fantasy advice, life advice, and pure fun and enjoyment that major fantasy providers like ESPN, Draft Kings, and others cant simply do. FLAFFL is on a more personal scale and thats why FLAFFL to me is so successful in keeping people together. — Gus Mendoza aka @gg Original FLAFFL League Member

When I first found Fantasy Life App, I had no idea what to expect. It was a very cool place at first but then I found FLAFFL league. I’ve been in multiple leagues before but none like this one, I’ve always been that one player who takes fantasy way too seriously and seemed to be overkill to my friends who don’t play at the same intensity that I do. In FLAFFL league and fantasy life app, everyone is that guy who plays the game fantasy is meant to be played. That’s why I love FLAFFL League. — Brandon DePouw aka @bdepoo FLAFFL Brass Member

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